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June 10, 2021 by quo@quo-global.com


Five-bedroom mega-apartments. Cosy one-bed studios. Book a room while it’s hot. Literally.

A Home Base For Travel

Centrally located. Well-equipped. Fewer amenities to make your stay more sustainable. Wherever you decide to travel, our Zeni rooms have all you need. This also means we spend more time finding the places that do it better than we ever could. Win-win? We like to think so.

Accommodating Adventurers

We’d argue there’s nothing standard about our Zeni Apartments. And whatever the occasion, we’re sure our rates will surprise you.


Need a place to crash? Our ensuite rooms are for those with impromptu plans in mind. Each summery room comes equipped with a steamy bathroom, free Wi-Fi and big bouncy beds – a perfect pad for any Southampton explorer who prefers spending time out and about.


Stretch out in style on a queen-sized double as you plan your next adventure. Or kick back and cook up a snack before getting ready for the next big Zeni meet-up. Private ensuite shower. Smart TV. Cool urban views. and a full kitchenette. Snug, but perfectly considered.


If you're looking to share the adventure, look no further. Multiple bedrooms, each with an ensuite, means more space for more people. Private kitchen perfect for pleasing everyone’s tastes. Oversized living lets you sleep in one part, chill in the other. the best-value rooms you'll find city-centre, hands down.

What to expect.

- Light, airy rooms
- Free high-speed Wi-Fi
- Fancy kitchenette or full kitchen (in flats)
- Mini-fridge ready to stock (in flats)
- Responsibly sourced soaps
- Regular social activities
- 24-hour security
- On-site staff
- Hotel-quality linens
- Kettle and Tea Supplies (in flats)


We believe summer is a time to feel free, unwind and have fun while doing so. That's why we ensure our COVID-19 cleaning protocols meet or exceed WHO and UK Government guidelines, allowing you to enjoy your stay without worry.

Our brand of choice is Dettol, used alongside other alcohol- and bleach-based cleaning products.

We disinfect high touch surfaces both inside and outside apartments. Every. Single. Day.

Our team wears medical grade masks and gloves at all times.

All extra linen is stored outside of the apartment to avoid contamination.


Front desk. Zeni logo on the right lapel. Keycard in one hand. Rose in the other. If you still can't find us, Google maps can probably help.

Wherever you go, we ensure our front desk is open from 3pm to 7.30pm every day. And we’ll only leave once you’re all settled.

Where To This Summer?

North to South. East to West. Zeni spans the most popular cities in the UK. And beyond. Whether you’re out to explore or just catch a few winks between meetings – we have just the place.

Featured Spaces

Save the greatest impact for yourself. We'll just provide the room. and the activities. and the fun. and the people...

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