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About Colchester

Ancient capital of Roman Britain and the UK’s first official city, despite not having a cathedral. And despite its demotion, Colchester undoubtedly remains the cultural capital of Essex. Castles. Museums. Art galleries. Three Roman theatres. There’s a bit of every era within its walls. Also home to the world’s oldest hot cross bun, if that tickles your fancy.



No trip to an ancient city is complete without a tour of its castle and neighbouring ruins. For those interested, it’s the largest Norman castle keep in Europe. Today, it acts as a museum and tourist attraction for visitors – quite the demotion. Built over the foundations of the Roman Temple of Claudius, a guided tour can allow you access to the labyrinth of underground vaults that remain.


No doubt named after the city’s biggest claim to fame, this odd-looking art museum first raised eyebrows for its idiosyncratic design but now is a local favourite. Over the years, Firstsite has hosted exhibitions by artists such as László Moholy-Nagy, Eduardo Paolozzi, Nam June Paik, Barbara Hepworth, Grayson Perry, Ai Weiwei and Andy Warhol.


Follow the River Colne on foot, car or boat, and you’ll find Mersea Island, a small estuary island famous for its native sea oysters and trapping tourists at high tide. To the West, you’ll find a small fishing town full of rosy cheeks and fancy restaurants. To the East, discover natural beaches and hidden paths. Walk across to the island at low tide for best effect.

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