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About Chester

A city famous for Medieval streets, town criers and a border with Wales, Chester has been a tourist hotspot for centuries. With some of the finest architecture in the whole of England, no wonder they built a massive wall around the city to defend it. Today, it's much more peaceful. Thankfully.



The Cathedral in Chester is a sight to behold. But the best views are from the inside. The 14th-century choir hall is a sight to behold, with carved pews, doll misericords and abbot's seat. Handel first rehearsed Messiah here too. If you listen carefully, you might still hear its echo.


The town's main shopping and tourist district, the Rows are the city's most distinctive landmark. Medieval half-timber buildings are what Chester is best known for. Following a Roman town plan, each building followed the shape of rubble homes left by Cesar's army – creating some unique and fascinating building shapes.


The city walls, built chiefly of sandstone, follow old Roman fort walls and are designed to protect the city from outsiders. Clearly, we didn't get the message. Walk the complete two-mile circuit if that's your thing. But we think stopping at a few pubs on the way is what makes it fun.

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