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Although all of our rooms are pretty nifty, we can’t pretend we don’t have a few favourites. Book them while it’s hot. Literally.

About Cambridge

City of academics. Home of celebrated universities. Student vibes and old-town tourists make up half the population, making it England’s finest spot for culture, academia and charm. All in one place.



There are a lot of bookshops in Cambridge, as one can imagine. But this one is special. The 144-year-old building features a vast collection of books of all kinds, including some rarer prints. They also have a huge stock of board games, great souvenirs if you like the games in your Zeni apartment.


This glorious country house was bought by the aristocratic Broughton siblings in 1926. To be honest, it’s not quite an abbey, but the two Lords who brought it were pretty eccentric. So much so, their “abbey” is now home to a vast collection of clocks, ornaments and silverware. Fabulously nostalgic.


Much like Oxford (dare we say it), Cambridge University spans a vast campus of historic buildings, churches and colleges. Dating back to the 12th century, many a famous Brit has educated themselves here. Be on high alert as you explore the city. They’re honestly everywhere.